World Destination Research

Travel Homework & Destination Research

It is recommended and suggested by regular travelers that you need to have a complete understanding about the Destination you’re planning to explore. The two major important factors which makes your holiday a memorable are: -

Trip Homework

This is very much required and recommended that you need to understand what all are required items for your upcoming holiday. This includes:-

  • Location- A suitable Location basis on your requirement e.g., Solo, Group Trips, Family or Honeymoon Holidays.
  • Travel Essentials & Travel Gears- You can choose from a variety of top-class Travel Gears from Amazon, Decathlon.
  • Flights How to Reach to the decided Destinations. You can find out a number of Flight options with our Travel partner Expedia.
  • Accommodation Type of Accommodation when you reach to the Destinations and this should be pre-booked. You can Book Hotels, Resorts, Homestays & Hostels from Budget to Luxury stay with our reliable accommodation partners & HotelsCombined.
  • Travel Insurance This is another essential item to research before planning and you can find a variety of Travel Insurance options with PolicyBazaar, HDFC Ergo.

Destination Research

A detailed research and study of your planned destination is very vital before moving ahead. Research includes:-

  • Destination Local & Acceptable Currencies - Currency is an important item before start of any travel. So, do check the destination if there is any specific requirements in terms of Currency and make sure to have enough International as well as Local currency with you to avoid any last minute hassles.
  • Destination Weather - Another important checkbox is to check the destination location weather and environment, what is the best time to visit that location to make most of your destination. I know that there are off-season destinations as well where customer use to get a great Discounts and Good Deals but sometime the weather can ruin the entire holiday. But still, you can find out best available Off-Season Deals on Holidays here.
  • Useful Local Mobile Applications This will help you to make your travel easy and comfortable without too many asking, so do detailed research that which all applications and government websites which can be helpful in need.
  • Country Transport System Another important point to check the local transport system available in your planned destination. This will help you to choose the best possible options effectively without any hassles. Do check are there any Online Transport Booking Websites/applications available and start following or download them before reaching there.
  • Local Government Tourist Helplines You need to be very sure about you and your family/friend’s safety and this become very important when you travel outside your country and at a destination where you haven’t been. So, better to have a complete checklist of all the travel helplines and contact details which can be helpful in emergency.

Travel Essential & Travel Gear

Details Travel Essential & Travel Gear Checklist you need to consider before/after planning your Trip.

1. Notebook/Dairy-

To note down your memories and to recall it again, a Travel Dairy is a must to keep with you. Although, it’s a Digital world and people prefer digital devices (like Notepad, Laptops, iPad etc) rather to carry a note book but there are places where you cannot keep your digital devices with you and there you can keep a handy travel notebook with you which will help you to write down your achievements, hurdles, memorable points, exposures to new places and many more tiny things to remember for lifetime.

2. Eye Masks -

Eye masks are also a must have travel essentials with you as you never know what kind of situation arises while you are on a trip and these Eye masks will help you to protect your eyes from dust, storms and windy weather.

3. Travel Adapter/Portable Charges-

Since the world is all digital and we need a lot of Electronics devices with us for daily use and to make them always ready we need to have a Global Travel Charger which can fit to all the country electrical system and apart from these we need to have portable charging devices like Power Banks to keep our mobile and camera devices charged to make most of it.

4. Moisturizers / Sunscreens-

This is another must have when you are travelling to coastal countries especially where there is Humidity and hot weather and these will help you to protect your skin.

5. Travel Wallet -

Since a traveler has to carry a lot of stuff like multiple currencies, travel tickets, hotel key cards, passports and other important documents, so a compact Travel Wallet is a must have travel gear which every traveler needs to have with.

6. Headphone / Earphones -

Headphones and Earbuds are a necessity in today’s world when we need to kill our time and when we want to make ourself noise free. There are lot of noise cancellation good Quality headphones available in the market which you can buy and carry with you while travelling and can enjoy music with travelling.

7. Face Covers / Face Masks -

Since face masks are must looking at the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, so it is recommended and mandatory to have at least 3-4 pairs of good quality reusable surgical as well as non-surgical face masks for betterment of yours as well as others and keep one healthy and protective from germs and infection.

8. Gloves-

Gloves is something which needs to be of a good quality and it is very important with you for any kind of travel you are planning for. You never know when you can plan to go for a hiking or adventurous trip and Gloves are the essential stuff which will help you to make your trip most comfortable.

9. Shoes-

Another important and mandatory stuff to cross check before planning for your dream holiday. You have to select your pair of Sneakers or tracking shoes basis on your type of holiday which can be casual cool Slipper for a Beach Holiday, a tough rubber sole shoes for your Hill and Trekking trip, a High Neck Shoes for your snow trip and many other type of shoes for your different type of holidays.

10. Clothing-

Clothing is very important for any holiday you are planning and you need to have enough pair of preferred location. You can carry Casual, Formal, Beach Clothing depends on your choice of travel. We have a great variety to choose from large quantity which you can buy online in your country as well as in the destination where you are travelling as our ecommerce partners deliver Worldwide. You can select from Amazon, Wallmart, eBay.

11. Medications-

One more mandatory item in your check list should be the list of medicines or medical requirements which you can be in need while travelling to different destinations. Although, medical aid is available in almost all the countries and destination but if you have any specific medication then do not forget to carry that with you before leaving for the trip.

12. Travel Guides -

Travel Guidance is also equally important when you plan your holiday as there might be possible you will face any type of issues like Language problem, Transport system. So, it is advisable to have a language converter, country maps, country tourist guide ets.