World Travel Essentials


Not sure about what to carry and what not, what will be the ideal Travel Gear for your dream destination. What kind of Clothing, Shoes will fit to the destinations? Not to Worry! We are here to help you for all the travel essentials required to make your holiday a memorable and comfortable.

The list is actually can be too big or too short depends on the duration of holiday as well as the location of your dream trip. So, do not forget to carry the required and vital stuff for your trip.

The major categories which must be in your checklist for any type of trip are:-

Apparels / Clothing

Clothing is something which you need to choose very wisely when you are planning to go for a short or long trip. It again depends with whom you are travelling and where you are travelling, so better do check the weather conditions and environment before moving out. You need to have at least a dress for a minimum of 5 days travelling period and you can select from Partywear Dress to enjoy in the evening, Beach Clothing to enjoy water, Shorts & Pants for a Hiking or Trekking and finally comfortable Sleepwear clothing to relax when not on any trip.


Like clothing is an essential stuff for the travel checklist, the same way your Footwear (Slippers & Shoes) plays an important role deciding how maximum you can make out of your dream trip. So, select very carefully what type of Holiday you are planning and what kind of Shoes you need to have with you.

Grooming Kit

Every trip comes with memory and Photographs & Videos is one thing which keeps you motivated while at the trip and after the trip as well to make you ready for next trip. Today is a Social Media world and people share their Hangouts, Trips and Holidays with Friends & Families via Photos and people love to see a smart, handsome & beautiful traveler with stunning photos. So, you need to must have a good Grooming Kit in your travel checklist before planning any type of holiday anywhere. You need to have Toiletries, Travel Towels, Retainers, Contact Lens, Detergents, Perfumes, Ointments, Dry Shampoo, Facial / Make-up Kit and Facial / Make-up Remover Wipes and other grooming items.

Electronics & Electrical Items

Since we are in a Digital World where people believe in social media, keep a digital dairy, digital notebook, instant photos, instant sharing and all. These are only possible with latest technology devices which made our life easy and fast. So, when you are planning for any holiday, you should have all the mandatory Electronic devices such as Global Travel Adaptor to keep your electronic devices charged, Power Banks, Digital Camera and Charger, Smartphones, Global SIM Cards, Memory Card, Laptop/Notepad, Headphone & Earphones to enjoy Music.

Packing Care

When you carry so much stuff, you should have a good Packing Aid as well with you which can hold your stuff without creating any mess. You should have Plastic Ziplock Bags, Disposable Shower Caps, Shoe Container, a Backpack as well.